Creating your strategic business plan may sound like a pretty daunting task. But is it really?

Here’s the thing. If you’re like me, you’re running a small business. In fact, let me outline for you who this article is aimed at.

You’re running a small operation that has less than 10 employees (in my case there’s just two of us!). You focus on online marketing. Your aim is to be nimble and to be able to react quickly to different market conditions and opportunities.

I my case I’m selling an information product and a business service, so no physical product, but that’s not really a factor here.

Strategic Business Plan: Fail to Plan and you’re Planning to Fail

strategic business planGiven these factors, I sometimes wonder at the need for a strategic business plan.

But I always think of that famous saying that goes: if you fail to plan you’re planning to fail!

So the question is do you, as a small business person, need a strategic business plan?

My answer is yes you absolutely do!

So what’s your definition of a strategic business plan?

I know I used to think of it as a thick document that went into great detail about just about every aspect of my business. And that was something I was just not interested in! You probably aren’t either, unless you’re an incredibly methodical, analytical and organized person!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some sort of strategic business plan in place.

A Strategic Business Plan for the Small Business

For me this means a document that is more of a rough or loose guide. But this strategic business plan is something that lays out very clearly what your goals and objectives are for the short medium and long term.

It also has considerable detail on how you’re going to reach those targets. In other words, your strategy for getting there.

Remember what I was saying about remaining flexible and nimble? Well, that’s also an important part of my strategic business plan. Being a small business gives me the advantage of being able to more quickly to take advantage when those opportunities arise.

Creating Your Strategic Business Plan Is Worth The Time Investment

So what does it take to create your strategic business plan? Time? Yes. And some brain power. That’s about it.

You want to lay out very clearly where you want to be in your business in the next 2 to 5 years. Then you want to break that all the way down into specific daily activities that will get you there.

Also, a clear idea of the kind of budget you’ll need in order to reach your goals is essential. Without this element in place as part of your strategic business plan will leave you open to either cost overruns or the opposite, not investing enough to reach your goals.

Use Your Strategic Business Plan To Stay On Track

Once you’ve put your strategic business plan together, the key is to USE IT!! Don’t just throw it on a shelf never to be seen again! Refer to it often as you review your progress.

A monthly check of your progress against your plan will tell you how you’re doing.

There you have it, in a nutshell: your strategic business plan for a small business. Build it and use it!
Kim Thornton

PS. I really hope you take this to heart. If you’re serious about achieving some serious goals in your business, you need to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. As the compass illustrates, your strategic business plan is the guide that will get you there!


sales funnelIf you’re focused on getting leads, a good sales funnel is the best way to make the most money possible from your leads.

A sales funnel is definitely the best way to do this (at least, it’s a hundred percent better than just selling your leads one time and then kissing them goodbye). However, there are many ways to create a sales funnel, and if you want to avoid making the top 3 most damaging mistakes an entrepreneur can make when building their sales funnels, then read on.

The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Mistake #1: Trying to sell too soon

It may seem counter intuitive but the best way to begin your lead’s journey through your sales funnel is by not trying to sell them at all, but by giving them things. For example, by giving them free information. Give your prospects a lot of good, free information at the start, with no charge at all, and when they encounter the first offer in your sales funnel, they will be much more likely to buy than if you try to sell them right off the bat.

This is for a couple of reasons: one, they now trust you, and trust is one of the most important things to establish; and two, if you do it right, they will be very hungry for the next bit of information from you by the time you get to that point in your sales funnel (There are a few ways to crate ravenous hunger in your prospects all the way down your sales funnel, but i don’t have time to go into all of them here.)

Sales Funnel Mistake #2: Not having a squeeze page

Imagine this: you have a store, and prospects walk into it to buy bread. Even if the customer buys one loaf of bread, they walk right back out again without buying anything else.

Now, you want to put your customers into a “sales funnel” so you try to do so by offering them more things as they make their way to the counter and out of the store.

“Upsells” if you will.

You try to sell them some milk to go with their bread, and maybe some candy up at the counter.

Whether or not they buy more from you, this is not an effective sales funnel. The reason is that once your customer leaves the store you have no other way of contacting them, then they have dropped out of your sales funnel forever.

Having a squeeze page allows you to contact your leads again and again, and to keep them moving through your sales funnel, even if they don’t buy the first time (or the second and third time).

There are several ways to make sure you have a squeeze page (and here’s a hint: you must have it at the very beginning of your sales funnel)… that captures the most leads, and shoots them right into your sales funnel.

Some people don’t know how to make a good squeeze page in the first place, and this kills their sales funnel before they are even out of the gate.

Sales Funnel Mistake #3: Not testing your funnel

Some people make the mistake of building what looks like a great sales funnel, but it’s really a leaky structure that bleeds money and drops potential customers at every juncture.

For example, what if your squeeze page is only keeping 10 percent of your leads? That means you are dropping 90 percent of your leads right at the top of your sales funnel, and losing them forever. The only way you would know that you are sustaining such a huge loss, and to be able to correct the mistake, would be if you were testing your sales funnel properly from the start.

I hope this short blog has given you some food for thought in terms of starting to put an effective sales funnel into place.
Kim Thornton
PS. For an example of a different but very effective sales funnel (and one heck of a business to boot) click here.

Good Parenting Advice


Good parenting: it’s one of the hardest, yet most enjoyable jobs ever. How can one person touch our
hearts and drive us crazy all at the same time? Since good parenting is no easy task, we have some tips that can help make parenting a little easier for your and your child.

Soothe your baby with your scent. A newborn can recognize the scent of her mother and is soothed by the smell, which makes her feel safe and secure. To help her sleep better or to soothe her while you are away, sleep with her bedding for a night, so it retains your scent.

A Good Parenting Recommendation

good parentingAlthough it can be difficult, try not to discipline your child when you are angry. When you are emotionally charged, you might not be able to discipline your child fairly, and you might risk saying hurtful things to him that you might regret later. Give yourself a few moments to cool off before talking to your child.

An important tip to consider in terms of good parenting is to try and let your children know why you are doing things a certain way. Knowing your methodology behind your actions or decisions, will help them learn valuable new lessons. “Because I said so” is not helpful in any situation.

Good Parenting Means Providing Strong Emotional Support

It is important to stand by your child when the going gets tough and they are having a hard time with something. All children go through one point or another where they feel bad about themselves. As their parent, it is your job to make them feel better through encouraging words and actions.

Allow your toddler to help you around the house as you clean, fold laundry, mix dough, or perform other tasks. Your child loves to mimic your actions and learns while doing so, and you get to spend some quality time together while performing chores that need to be done anyway.

Make science fun for your child by taking her to a science museum. These museums often have hands-on activities for children that can illustrate a complex scientific concept in an easy, entertaining way.

This is a good way to expose your child to the mysterious world of science, and to let him see that science can be exciting.

Make sure you start feeding your child healthy food from a very young age if you want it to catch on. You should start out with all-natural organic baby food products and then try to expand on healthy food from there. Sure, some other things in moderation will be okay, but treats should be the exception and not the rule.

Good Parenting Tips

A good parenting tip is to spend time with each of your children separately. Each child has a different personality and spending time separately will help them feel appreciated. It is also a way for you to have an experience with them that they will never forget.

Another good parenting tip that everyone can do in order to understand their child is to directly look at his eyes. This can be done in five seconds and is effective in getting your child’s attention. Looking into your child’s eyes will make him feel loved and wanted at the same time.

Another aspect of good parenting is to try not to be your child’s best friend. If you’re constantly concerned about how your child thinks of you as his or her friend, you’re probably falling short in terms of being a parent. Ideally you should strive for a balance between the two.

Now that you have a few helpful tricks up your sleeve, your parenting job should be just be at least a little easier.
Kim Thornton
PS. Of course a short article like this can only scratch the surface of this immense subject. Given the huge number of challenges that all parents face, if you’re looking for more in-depth training, advice, resources and counseling, Family IQ has it all. Check them out and you’ll see a significant jump in your parenting success! And, if in addition to good parenting skills, you’re also looking for ways to supplement your income, here’s something exciting for you.

How To Get Everything You Want


There are thousands of companies promising they’ll show you how to get everything you want. They offer you all kinds of ways to earn money online. And you know what? They all tell a good tale!

You, on the other hand, are left wondering what’s real, what’s fluff, who’s going to scam you and who or what is a legitimate online business.

Given the massive amount of information out there, perhaps the best place to start is by having you look inward at what you’re actually looking for.

To figure out how to get everything you want, are you ready to make a major commitment? Do you want to replace a full-time income? Or are your goals more modest? Are you looking to make enough to take your family on a nice holiday, buy another vehicle or pay off some debts? Or are you ready to roll up your sleeves so you can eventually become your own boss and quit your job?

There are, of course, hundreds of reasons you might be looking at a home based business.

Is Your Own Business Going to Show You How To Get Everything You want?

If we’re really talking about how to get everything you want out of life, for the remainder of this article, I’m going to assume your goals are at the higher end of the spectrum. The reason is, we’re dealing here what is sometimes referred to as a top tier, business. Although in reality it’s more like a mid-tier!

So, unlike many top tier businesses, the entry point is much less than you might imagine. What’s really important for you, though, is the type of profit you can make if you decide that this is the right business model that will show you how to get everything you want.

First, let me ask you a little bit about your background.

How To Get Everything You Want, Including Control Over Your Time & Income

Assuming your goal is to create a full-time income, let me ask you point blank: have you been or are you currently in a job or business where you have control over your own time?

The answer to that question is important. Not to say that if you’re not in a situation where you have that kind of control is going to have an impact on how to get everything you want out of your business, but it’s something you might want to spend some time thinking about.

My experience has been that folks who come from a work situation where they are told what to do, when to do it, how much money they can make, how much time to take for their holiday, etc., etc., sometimes have a tough time adjusting to being their own boss.

And to be sure it is a dream of a lot of people to not have to report to a boss or to go every day to a job they may not particularly like.

Obviously when you think of how to get everything you want, running your own business puts you in a situation where everything is up to YOU! There’s nobody to tell you what specific things need to be done. You decide whether to make a call, send some emails, create a marketing campaign, do some training, and so on.

I’d suggest that your past experience can be a guide as to how you’ll handle this. More importantly though, is your inner drive and your core motivation.

If those are powerful, and I mean really powerful, you can succeed at anything and learn how to get everything you want!

I’ve met lots of people who’ve come from regular jobs, have found a home business that’s right for them and have proceeded to “kill it”!!!

And that’s a very exciting thing to witness. It’s life-changing! Going from a job to being a full-time entrepreneur, earning what they decide they want… it’s powerful stuff!

If you really want to know how to get everything you want, and you think you’ve got what it takes to succeed in your own business, check out this presentation.
How To Get Everything You Want
PS. There are a few really good businesses that can show you how to get everything you want through a solid and legitimate business model. Once you’ve had a further look, you’ll be in a position to make a knowledgeable decision.

Legit Internet Marketing


Let me be brutally honest with you: Legit internet marketing training and tools are hard to find! The fact is there’s a lot of plain old crap out there that’s trying to be passed of as real. But it just ain’t so.

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is the speed at which things to do with internet marketing change.

So the question on a lot of folks’ minds is how to you find legit internet marketing strategies and training?

Legit Internet Marketing: How to Find It

When it comes to finding legit internet marketing ideas and training, if you’re anything like I was, you’re likely overwhelmed and confused. Not a great place to be in your head if you’re serious about building an online business or using the internet to build any business.

The key to legit internet marketing is to find the right platform, one that is working well for those who use it, and then follow the training and guidance to achieve the same success.

Trouble is, it’s hard to find what’s actually working.

I’ve searched and searched for nearly two years for the right process and the right platform to promote my business. What’s exciting for me now is that I’ve finally found it!

Not only is it a legit internet marketing platform that has well-established authority, it’s got a ton of practical, easy-to-follow training on how to use it, how to be effective and how to take your business to the next level.

Legit Internet Marketing For The Masses

Now, there are a couple of really cool things about this marketing platform. First off, as mentioned above, it’s an authority site. Now if you’re unfamiliar with internet marketing, that may not mean a lot to you. But let me tell you this is a critical factor. You see, Google and other search engines rank sites by their “authority” based on things like how long they’ve been established, the quality of links going to them, and other factors.

So, if you can get yourself onto an authority site, you immediately gain a bunch of that same credibility, and that’s a good thing!

And since ranking on the first page of Google is a critical part of legit internet marketing, you need to be on an authority site.

Make Money With Legit Internet Marketing

Let me tell you something else that’s critical to your success as online entrepreneur. You need to make money quickly in order to stay in the game!

Here’s something that got my juices flowing! Not only can you easily get yourself onto an authority site, you can make serious money at the same time! With this legit internet marketing platform you earn 100% commissions on every affiliate sale you make.

If you’ve been around this industry for any time at all, you know that 100% commissions is unheard of! But this is a legit internet marketing strategy to earn you money right away (funds get deposited into your bank account almost immediately), so you have the cash flow to support your business.

Here’s the thing. Most legit internet marketing businesses pay you after 30 or 45 days. This means cash flow is non-existant initially. So building and growing a business is really tough.

What I’m saying here is simply this. The Empower Network is a vehicle that allows you to have and to promote your legit internet marketing business, while at the same time creating significant instant cash flow.
legit internet marketing
PS. If you’re looking for a legit internet marketing business idea, click here to learn about a powerful marketing platform with “build-in” authority. You’ll be able to jump start your business, get fast cash flowing and build for your future.

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